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Faheem: The definition is derived from the Arabic verb 'fa-he ma' or the source 'Fahm' which means to understand or understanding. Faheem hence means one who does understand with ease, quickly or always will understand. It also reflects as a consequence that the person may be intelligent and hence will have no problem understanding.

The name is rare, although in some countries it is more popular than others. It is usually used as the first name or middle name.

When pronounced in the Afghan culture, primarily in the Persian language, the phonetic sound of the "H" is softened, and Faheem is pronounced as "Fayeem". However, Arabic cultures emphasize the "H" sound.

Another common spelling is "Fahim". This in Arabic 'Fa-him' mean 'he does understand' or 'I do understand'.

This name is also given to many Muslim African Americans where the second spelling given in this article i.e., Fahim is not common at all. Instead, they all spell it as Faheem.

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